Destruct Cries the Mocking Mother Nature

17th March 2023
Grave Mistake, Skrammel

12 Inch



Destruct wear their inspirations proudly, calling upon the traditions of English and Japanese crust in equal measure.  But, and this is an important but, they are not beholden to or constrained by these inspirations.

It is rather that they have absorbed their influences so absolutely, and understand them so instinctively, that they are able reanimate them with a fresh vitality.  There is a honed leanness to this, their second, full-length that renders audible not an ounce of unnecessary extravagance.  And this unrelenting focus produces a truly crushing velocity.  Lyrical themes spanning ecological disaster and the implications of military interventionism appropriately grace a soundtrack for these dark times.

—Foundation Vinyl

Three years after their vinyl debut, 2020’s Echoes of Life, comes Destruct’s second album, Cries the Mocking Mother Nature. The band continues to pay respects to their raw hardcore influences, with greater emphasis on 80’s Swedish mangel and brutal late 90’s Japanese crust hardcore, in addition to the always present nod to British pioneers Disaster and Doom. Twelve tracks in 24 minutes. Cover art by master punk artist Joe B. Each copy of the first pressing is accompanied by a 22×33 inch fold out poster graciously illustrated by Japanese hardcore punk legend, CROW.

—Grave Mistake Records