Destruct, Dissekerad, Rat Cage, Scarecrow Screaming Death

6th October 2023
Bunker Punks, Skrammel

12 Inch



Four of the best contemporary exponents of Swedish-inspired hardcore contribute four new tracks each to this split LP.  Shared musical inspirations distinctively reimagined, and collective lyrical preoccupations of social inequality, environmental catastrophe, and military adventurism imbue the release with a powerful cohesion.

The LP opens with Virginia’s Destruct and anyone who has enjoyed their blistering recent full-length, Cries the Mocking Mother Nature, will know exactly what to expect.  Fiercely honed metallic crust, the velocity of which verges on the unhinged as they unleash a searing set, with opener Omnicide setting a rampant standard.  Next up are North Carolina’s Scarecrow, who inject proceedings with a more pronounced hardcore swagger.  Desperate vocals surge over choppy riffage and a ferocious rhythm section, reaching an incendiary crescendo on closer Space Race.

Side B sees Sweden’s Disserkerad kick things off and the ferocity does not relent for one moment.  Lying somewhere between the LP’s two opening bands, they unleash a harshly distorted assault of merciless precision that culminates in the crushing Mot Vänster.  Sheffield’s Rat Cage then close out proceedings in the utterly rampaging style defined by their recent full-length, Savage Visions.  This is brutally claustrophobic hardcore punk with reckless, blues-infused solos offering only fleeting respite.  These final tracks are relentless in their savagery, yet also undeniably infectious as exemplified by Twist of the Vice.

—Foundation Vinyl