Cut Piece Cut Piece

22nd September 2023
Dirt Cult, Sabotage

7 Inch



‘Still we forge ahead, Because they’re still in our way, We push past the tides, Just to see who remains’ (Accept Defeat [Don’t Sabotage Me])

Hailing from Portland and featuring members of Red Dons and Piss Test, Cut Piece’s debut four-track EP is a high-energy statement of intent.  Swaggering anarcho-punk tinged bass lines and lock-step drumming lay the groundwork for the jagged, driving melodic guitars.  Meanwhile, rasping vocals explore themes of community resilience (Accept Defeat [Don’t Sabotage Me]), police corruption (Life Goes Dark), and political polarisation (Mind Regression).  And have no doubt, the punchy melodicism belies a bristling, steely resolve.

—Foundation Vinyl