pageninetynine Document #8

25th August 2023
Persistent Vision

12 Inch

Opaque Yellow


‘And from the cold iron shackles you locked around my heart, to the chunks of my life you picked out from your teeth, I remember for a moment about the person I used to be’ (We Left As Skeletons)

Virginia’s pageninetynine (Pg.99) were initially active between 1997 and 2003 and are recognised as one of the pioneers of emotional hardcore.  During this time, they were remarkably productive releasing three full-lengths, two split LPs, and six EPs (primarily split releases).  Each release was named as a ‘document’, a snapshot of where the band was emotionally at that time.  Document #8, released in 2001, was their third and final stand-alone LP, and has been given a thoroughly well put together reissue by Persistent Vision.

Comprising eight members, (twin vocalists, three guitarists, two bassists, and a drummer), the band revelled in producing tense, raw hardcore, its unhinged quality belying an intense technicality.  The chaos erupts into repetition of cathartic clarity (In Love With An Apparition), and segues into passages of haunting, uneasy beauty (The Hollowed Out Chest Of A Dead Horse) with almost equal relish.  This reissue includes the band’s two tracks from their 2001 A Split Personality split EP with City Of Caterpillar.

—Foundation Vinyl