Graf Orlock End Credits

23rd June 2023
Vitriol Records

7 Inch

Red Fire


Graf Orlock are bowing out on an undoubted high with this, their final EP, End Credits, the twelfth release of their twenty-year reign as the masters of cinema-grind.

To the uninitiated, Graf Orlock specialise in reimagining film through a ferocious blend of hardcore punk and grindcore.  And yes, there are blisteringly fast guitars, brutal blast-beat eruptions, and primordial roared vocals.  But Graf Orlock’s potency has always lain in their ability to skilfully interweave this savagery with a swinging groove and an innate sense of melody.  Appropriately, the focus of this final release – cleverly packaged as ever with burn mark die-cut sleeves – is the apocalypse, with Children of Men, Dredd, Mad Max, Snowpiercer, and Waterworld each getting the Graf Orlock treatment.

—Foundation Vinyl