Felsenmirror Felsenmirror

2nd June 2023

12 Inch LP



The debut LP of Portland’s Felsenmirror is a hauntingly beautiful blackened doom metal exploration of the stages of grief, and the process of forging an acceptance that enables life to continue and renew.

Taking Charles Baudelaire’s poem, The Death Of Lovers, as their starting point, Felsenmirror build an album that seamlessly ebbs and flows to mirror the struggles of dealing with grief.  Anguished, howled vocals interplay with bleakly sombre guitars, underpinned by a rhythm section of subtle, fluid power.  The atmosphere of loss and reflection is further heightened by flourishes of deeply evocative electric acoustic guitar and melancholic violin, while almost spectral passages of spoken word are mournfully intertwined throughout.  An album of genuinely cathartic force.

—Foundation Vinyl