Ragana Wash Away

1st December 2022
Contraszt! Records

12 Inch



Dark folk-tinged blackened doom from the Oakland duo, who create haunting evocations of the natural world.

Ragana are a two-piece, who interchange duties between vocals, guitar, and drums.  Their sound is an essentially simple one, that is rendered deeply textured through skilfully layered song writing.  These dynamics see sudden eruptions of blackened hardcore morph into expansive passages of melodic, folk-imbued doom, vocals ranging from blood-curdling screams to the more dominant hypnotically tender.  Elements of Dawn Ray’d and early Paradise Lost (not least in the beautifully restrained drumming) find resonance.  Originally released in 2015 by An Out Recordings, Contraszt! Records reissued in December 2022.

—Foundation Vinyl