Hellshock Hellshock

29th March 2023

12 Inch LP



‘Continuity absurd as they bait and switch your mind, with your best interests clearly denied, But they seem to mimic them to your eyes – you’re a sundry to use and despise’ (Echopraxia)

Portland’s Hellshock return with their fourth full-length, some fourteen years on from They Wait For You Still, and it sees the band unleash a vividly realised progression of their trademark metallic crust.  The base characteristics remain firmly in place – roared vocals, crushingly monolithic crust riffage, and a fiercely brutal rhythm section.  New dynamics at play include densely layered, mournfully dissonant melodies and soaring guitar solos that lean more towards NWOBHM than the more thrash inclined eruptions of the past.  Darkly apocalyptic imagery defines the lyrics, which explore themes of political deception and personal self-delusion.

—Foundation Vinyl