Mock Execution Killed By Mock Execution

24th June 2022

12 Inch



Ferociously distorted, crust-fuelled hardcore punk from Chicago.

Readily identifiable nods to UK crust and Finnish / Japanese hardcore underpin this debut full-length.  But Mock Execution have successfully fashioned their influences into their own distinct reimagining, with the album providing a well-judged blend of blisteringly high tempo hardcore and more mid-paced crunchers.

—Foundation Vinyl

Chicago’s MOCK EXECUTION return with 9 tracks of unadulterated sonic aggression. Their debut LP Killed By Mock Execution takes cues from the dirtier sides of both Finnish and Japanese hardcore while keeping their engineer boots firmly set on the traditional UK crust sound of yesteryear. Executing a magnificent hybrid of DOOM and GLOOM, GAI, KAAOS, and the entire early 2000’s Crust War catalogue, MOCK EXECUTION tear through flanger solos, huge crash cymbals, burly driven bass and NO SECURITY split era intros and that’s only part way to the band’s sound.

—La Vida Es Un Mus Discos