Fredag den 13:e Mänskliga Gränstillstånd

28th August 2023
Phobia Records

12 Inch LP



Gothenburg’s Fredag den 13:e return in vigorous form with their fifth full-length, Mänskliga Gränstillstånd (Human Border States), of blackened d-beat infused crust.

The band take the writings of Swedish academic, Lena Gerholm on manifestations of psychosis as their starting point.  Bleakly apocalyptic imagery is deployed to explore how late-stage capitalism hollows out the individual human condition and is driving wider society ever closer to catastrophe.  Roared vocals, soaring melancholic guitars, and a galloping rhythm section form the sonic foundation, but it is the sheer exuberant energy of the execution that seizes the attention, most notably on Våldsmonopol (Monopoly of Violence) and Du Lever En Lögn (You’re Living A Lie).

—Foundation Vinyl