Life Scars P​ę​kni​ę​te Serca

15th September 2023
Contraszt! Records

12 Inch LP

Various (Recycled)


‘Gdy jedyną sluszną prawdę ustala wladza, ceną za smodzielne myślenie jest więzienie, Gdy o twoim domu decyduje fanatyk, domem staje się obca ziemia’ Pękni​ę​te Serca (‘When authorities create the only truth, the price of free thinking is imprisonment, When a fanatic decides about your home, it becomes a foreign land’ Broken Hearts)

Longstanding Polish punks Life Scars return with their fourth full-length, P​ę​kni​ę​te Serca (Broken Hearts).  The band continue to hone their blend of high-energy melodic punk and soaring melancholic crust.  Punchy Polish vocals are contrastingly complemented by raucously layered backing vocals and solemn spoken word passages as the band explore themes of environmental degradation, a woman’s right to choose, animal rights, and the stoking of fear by populist politicians.

—Foundation Vinyl