Layback Sit Down And Layback

30th December 2022
Quality Control HQ



Aggressive, high-energy melodic hardcore that calls back to the early 2000s’ Pacific Northwest and is delivered with a distinctly South London edge.

Raging vocals are spat rhythmically across melodically discordant guitars, while bass and drums lay down an aggressively fluid foundation.  A core melodic base of Stay Gold, blended with a dash of Sinking Ships melancholy, and a healthy dose of bristling Blue Monday defiance and you begin to get a sense of Layback’s defining sonic palette.

—Foundation Vinyl

Ripping it up all the way to the top is South London’s very own, Layback. Their style mirrors the sun-scorched beaches of West Coast hardcore in the pressure point of the pre-90s hardcore wave. Think of the reverberating grandiosity of the Against the Wall 7” with the throat-wrenching attitude of Pushed Aside, all marred with the eeriness of a grey Winter London backdrop. Sit down…and simply lay back.

—Quality Control HQ