Grand Scheme Numbers Game

28th March 2023

7 Inch EP



‘Driven by envy, I want to feel true contentment or something real, I have it all, it feels so cold’ (Will To Live)

Eight songs in nine minutes gives you an idea of the velocity of this release, but that is only part of the story.  This a passionately executed take – with added blast beats – on youth crew orientated hardcore. A rawer interpretation mind and one that is injected with a satisfyingly sincere aggression.  Flashes of Grand Scheme’s early 2000s’ fellow Washington DC predecessors, The First Step, come to mind, but blended with the burlier, more combative sound of say Blue Monday or Keep It Clear.  Lyrically, the themes are around personal development and share a certain positivity with those same musical inspirations.

—Foundation Vinyl