Rigorous Institution Strange Harvest

9th June 2023

12 Inch



‘Asphyxiated holiday by the concrete beach, funeral and fun time – fever from mosquitos, floodwaters of mankind knee-deep in disease, postcard form paradise – “see the sunny side”’.

Prior to last year’s spectacularly bleak debut LP, Cainsmarsh, Rigorous Institution released three now rather hard-to-find EPs, Penitent, The Coming of the Terror, and Survival, which have now been captured on a single LP.  Rigorous Institution skilfully fuse doom-laden crust with anarcho-punk to create an atmosphere of unrelenting, dark foreboding.  Growled, half-spoken vocals prove the perfect foil to this post-apocalyptic soundtrack.  The band lock into a discordantly powerful groove throughout, one that is enriched by atmospheric flourishes from spectral Gregorian chanting to haunting dungeon synths, and the three EP’s combine to provide a singularly coherent journey into the most dystopian of futures.

—Foundation Vinyl