Urskek Thra

15th March 2023

12 Inch LP



Urskek’s debut album Thra is a bone-shuddering sonic reimagination of The Dark Crystal film.

I’ve always liked the idea of doom metal, and many bands that I love relish drawing on it as a foundational inspiration.  Yet too often, pure doom metal fails to quite deliver on its promise, being perhaps too one dimensional in its sonic palette.

There are no such concerns with Urskek.  We are in the expert hands of members of Morrow and Monachus, and they deliver a monolithically heavy exploration of the film’s themes.  Expertly amplifying the roaring vocals and utterly crushing doom metal through beautifully constructed atmospheric interludes, that call back the original soundtrack of the film itself, this a wonderfully realised release.

—Foundation Vinyl

Urskek is a doom metal love letter to The Dark Crystal, borrowing elements of both the original film and lore created by Jim Henson, Frank Oz and Brian Froud, and film score composed by Trevor Jones as a homage to their life-changing work. Featuring Alex CF of Fall of Efrafa and Morrow on vocals.

—Alerta Antifascista Records