Morrow The Quiet Earth

24th March 2023

12 Inch Double



Morrow return with their third LP, and this successor to the superb Covenant of the Teeth (2016) and Fallow (2018) is their most complete work yet.

Morrow’s template remains constant – a masterful fusion of thunderous d-beat with the soaring defiance of melodic crust.  This is overlaid by furious call-and-response vocals from Alex CF (previously Fall of Efrafa) and guest vocalists drawn from bands as diverse as Archivist, Autarch, Drei Affen, His Hero Is Gone and Socialstyrelsen, which work to truly monstrous effect.  The band’s instrumentalisation continues to refine, violin and cello mournfully weave their way through the wider crushing aural assault.  The result is an album that is in equal parts reflective and raucous.  It burns with anger, but above all with hopeful defiance.

—Foundation Vinyl

The third full length by Morrow, who hail from London.  The Quiet Earth is a raucous, emotional epic of cello and violin, pummelling crescendos and furious d-beat – combining the emo-crust of Remains of the Day, the crushing power of Neurosis, the feverish joy of Envy, and the baroque emo-violence of Drei Affen.  Morrow wear their influences proudly – featuring guest vocals from many of their contemporaries and pioneers of the genre, among them members of His Hero Is Gone, Habak and the aforementioned Drei Affen.  The Quiet Earth is a celebration of disparate voices coming together, in a time when we need community more than ever.

—Alerta Antifascista Records