Morrow Covenant of Teeth

15th August 2016

12 Inch LP



From the moment the album opens on a haunting chant, you sense you are in for a rather special journey and Morrow do not disappoint.

A brilliant exercise in juxtaposing rage with reflection, beauty with desolation, this debut album explores a post-apocalyptic narrative that it skilfully animates through a blend of crushing d-beat and soaring neo-crust, all infused with a cello-led melancholy.  The band features Alex CF of Fall of Efrafa on vocals plus guest vocal appearances from members of Anopheli, Archivist, and Masakari.

—Foundation Vinyl

Brooding, dark, and sombre melodic crust in the vein of Ictus and Fall of Efrafa.  Vast resonant guitars and cello over thundering d-beat, invoking mythologies of remnant cultures amongst the ruins of our civilisation, the earthen liturgy of forests and ice. Morrow are a collective of friends from all over the world, and features guest vocals from members of Masakari, Monachus, Wildspeaker, Archivist and Anopheli.

—Alerta Antifascista Records