Damien Done Total Power

19th May 2023
Mind Over Matter

12 Inch

Blood Red w/ White Splatter


‘We look to the skies, but never to pray, Cursing the gods who made us this way’.

Damien Done is the semi-eponymously named project led by Damien Moyle (As Friends Rust, Culture, Morning Again) and Total Power is the band’s second full-length after 2018’s Charm Offensive.  Gothic inspired imagery voyeuristically teases out a sense of otherness and self-doubt as the band forge a darkly cinematic soundtrack of death rock infused post-punk. The luridly melancholic atmosphere is primed by the deeply resonant vocals of Moyle as the band sweep from the spectral opener, Maw, to the driving rhythms of Gentleman Thief, enticing us ever deeper into the album’s elegiac embrace.

—Foundation Vinyl