Golpe Assuefazione Quotidiana

13th October 2023

7 Inch



‘Ogni idea nasce e muore in teoria se non è messa in pratica. È tempo perso se è solo performativa ogni tua azione’ Teoria In Practica (‘Every idea is born and dies in theory if it doesn’t become practice. If your actions are done only in the pursuit of the performance, it’s a waste of time’ Theory In Practice).

Tadzio Pederzolli’s (formerly Holy and Komplott) one-man project, Golpe, which expands to a fully formed band for touring purposes, return with a fiercely intense five-track EP follow-up to the 2021 debut LP, La Colpa È Solo Tua.  A pounding rhythm section lays the groundwork for a fierce onslaught of d-beat fuelled hardcore, while the looser guitars unfurl mid-paced groove-laden riffage.  Socially aware Italian vocals explore themes of military violence on Una Guerra In TV (‘It’s only matter of economics and geography if somebody’s life is worth more or less than yours or mine’), social inequality on Diritto Di Obbedire (‘Privilege wears out those who don’t have it’), animal rights on Ogni Giorni Malattia (‘You’re a cog in this machine of death’), and the need to turn beliefs into action on closer Teoria In Practica.

—Foundation Vinyl