Golpe La Colpa È Solo Tua

2nd April 2021
Sorry State

12 Inch



‘La morte é sempre piú vicina, e se è giunta l’ora chiediti il perché, solo ora ti chiedi perché?’ (Il Tuo Futuro) ‘Death is closer and closer, if the time has come, ask yourself why, only now you are wondering why?’ (Your Future)

This is the third pressing of Golpe’s 2021 debut LP.  Hailing from Milan, Golpe is for recording purposes the solo project of Tadzio Pederzolli (formerly Holy and Komplott), with an expanded band for touring.  Musically, Golpe favour mid-paced d-beat infused hardcore that bristles with fierce intent, displaying an impressive synchronicity between the Italian vocals and instrumentation.  Lyrically, the album is a call for people to engage critically with the world around us – to understand that all of our actions have consequences, and that there is cumulative power in the impact of our individual decisions.

—Foundation Vinyl