Stiff Meds Tales From The Slab

6th October 2023
Quality Control HQ

12 Inch LP



Stiff Meds are a truly visceral live band and so the question is whether they can capture that wild fury on this their debut full-length, Tales From The Slab?  And rest assured, they most certainly do.

London’s Stiff Meds deal in barbarous power violence-infused fastcore that brilliantly juxta positions utterly rapid-fire hardcore with breakdowns of crushing velocity.  Bile-drenched vocals are snarled in synchronicity with a sonic battery that is defined as much by its impressively lock-step discipline as it is by its savagery.  Lyrical themes of everyday frustration are nihilistically explored through the macabre lens of the mortuary and death.  Twelve songs in fourteen minutes speaks to the ferocity of the assault but such is the skill on display that individual songs are not swamped by the relentless aggression.  Side B is an excellent fourteen-song live recording of their March 2023 Liverpool show and features songs from each of their earlier demos, including 2021’s Exciting Violence.

—Foundation Vinyl